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International Canine Federation Standard 350

Here is the link to the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Standard 350, on the FCI webpage, showing the exact details on how this dog breed should look like in order to be allowed to reproduce and participate in competitions worldwide:

What is the Federacion Cynologique Internationale (FCI)?

The Federacion Cynologique Internationale (FCI) is an international organization founded with the purpose of promoting the breeding of purebred dog breeds within different member or contract partner countries. It was founded in 1911, but ceased to exist during the First World War. However, its demise was only temporary, and it was re-established in 1921.

Why the need for an FCI breed standard?

The FCI’s breed standards are written to serve as a guideline for the development of dog breeds, while keeping in mind the importance of the health and wellbeing of the dogs belonging to these breeds. The FCI also organizes several dog shows, field trials, and other activities in order to evaluate and test the various aesthetic and performance characteristics specific to each breed or classification.

The FCI and its international membership

The FCI is made up of 91 members and contract partners from different countries around the world. The FCI recognizes 344 different breeds hailing from these member countries. Different FCI member clubs train their own officials and have a certain degree of autonomy in the writing of the breed standards of the breeds originally conceived in their countries. However these breed standards have to be approved and co-written in cooperation with the Standards and Scientific commission of the FCI. The organization also makes sure that all pedigrees, judges and officials are approved by all international FCI members.

FCI endorsed competitions and Champion Dogs

The FCI reserves the right to award the title of International Champion in a number of categories (ex. International Obedience Champion) after individual dogs perform exceptionally in FCI endorsed shows and other sporting events associated with that category. Breeders can also register their kennel internationally through the national member canine organization.

Do I really need an FCI certified puppy?

Although it is wise to get a pedigree puppy to confirm the puppy’s origin, an FCI pedigree certificate is unnecessary unless the dog is going to be used for breeding or show. Furthermore, despite the traceability that FCI pedigree certificates guarantee, a pedigree certificate does not necessarily mean that the puppy is healthy or well bred. allows you to choose whether your New Doggy comes with or without a pedigree certificate; however, if you decide to buy your New Doggy without a pedigree, your choice will not compromise in any way the quality of your puppy.

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